Affichages : 1890

Monday October 17th, we, the classes TL1 and TS3/4, went to an exhibition at the Tomi Ungerer Museum in Strasbourg. It was enriching, and interesting in terms of graphic design.

The exhibition was about the American illustrator Thomas Nast, famous from his 150 year-old cartoons in which he was caricaturing politicians, especially the Democratic party, and there was a parallel with Alsatian illustrator Tomi Ungerer and his own works about the US.

We saw a lot of committed drawings from both authors that show another side of America : war, the parties, politics, the famous Uncle Sam (the symbol of America) and cartoons for peace. There was also Santa Claus, designed by Nast, but drawn in different points of view. He was somehow, at one time, shown as a conformist symbol of Christmas.

This was short, however, as artists and students, we loved the work behind it.

A review by the Terminales L student.

En savoir plus: Oncle Sam, Thomas Nast et Tomi Ungerer. Une satire sociale et politique de l’Amérique (Musée Tomi Ungerer, Strasbourg, France)