Affichages : 1984

Du 1er au 7 avril dernier, les 1S3 et 1ES3 du lycée Henri Meck sont partis à la découverte de la verte Erin.

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Le séjour, principalement axé autour de la ville de Dublin, a été très éclectique : les élèves ont ainsi pu partir à l’assaut de la ville en autonomie pour interviewer des irlandais, mais ils ont aussi eu l’occasion de s’initier aux sports gaéliques, de découvrir la vallée de Glendalough et ses magnifiques lacs, ou bien encore d’apprendre la vie rurale à CauseyFarm avec la traite les vaches et la danse irlandaise. Un séjour riche en rencontres, en enseignements, et en émotions, comme en témoignent ces extraits issus des journaux de bord… in English of course !

“I liked this trip, and not just because we missed school : we saw everything in a different way. We learnt differently, we saw and did different things. It was another way to see my classmates, my chums, and even my teachers : it was cool to see them some other way than them in front of a blackboard and us sitting in chairs.” (Grégorie)


“The 3 things that I preferred are Causey Farm because it was not common, Gaelic sports because I had never tried these, and the ferry, because we laughed a lot. […] This trip brought me new friends, and a better English; it taught me to be more independent and enjoy things when they are coming.” (Gautier)


“This trip was profitable for me because I hated my English accent before that, and now I have improved and I am proud! I could speak with my host family, although I thought that I wouldn’t manage to!” (Mélissa)


“I really enjoyed this town and I hope I will come back there to visit all that we didn't ^^ ! Sandra and I promised to do this as soon as possible !

The thing that I preferred is really talking with locals because I think it's the most important thing when you discover another country and language ; it's the best memory  and talking with locals opens your mind ! I enjoyed discovering Gaelic sports and Irish dance too because Gaelic culture is a big part of the Irish identity ! I didn't know that Gaelic sports were so important in Ireland !


I think I improved a lot in English during this week ! It's incredible how quickly we got used to speaking in English and doing this naturally : Saying sorry thoughtlessly if we jostled someone for example !

I noted that I loved being in an English-speaking country to speak English ! This trip made me want to do study in Ireland (or in another country because the pipes aren't really good conditions in Ireland). Because of this trip, I forgot all my German ! The first German lesson after the journey, I wasn't able to speak German ! For instance, I meant « sollte » : I had forgotten that word and I wanted to say “should” !”